React&NextJSThe Benefits of Static Site Generation in Next.js
(5 months ago)

Static Site Generation (SSG) is a powerful feature in Next.js that allows you to create highly reliable and performant websites. With SSG, your site is pre-rendered into HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files during the build process. These files are then served from a Content Delivery Network (CDN) or an object store like Amazon S3.

One of the main advantages of using SSG is that your site becomes incredibly fast and reliable. Since the pages are pre-rendered, there's no need to compute the HTML on every request, resulting in faster load times. Additionally, as long as the CDN or S3 is properly configured, your site will remain accessible to users.

Next.js has supported SSG since version 12, and it can be used on a per-route basis. This means you can have a mix of statically generated and dynamically rendered pages within your application.

However, it's important to note that SSG is best suited for pages that display the same content to all users. If your site requires highly personalized experiences for logged-in users, you may need to explore alternative rendering methods or find workarounds for specific user interactions.